Employment Contract for Employers: A Guide

employment contract

An employment contract is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee. A well-drafted employment contract should state the terms and conditions of employment and will impose both specific responsibilities and confer certain rights on the employee and the employer. While employment contracts should provide certainty and clarity for both parties, they can […]

Fixed Term Contract for Employers: A Guide

fixed term contract

A Fixed term contract is an employment agreement that lasts for a specified period or until a particular task or project is completed. Unlike permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts have a defined end date, making them ideal for situations where the need for an employee is temporary. These contracts are commonly used in various industries to […]

The Zero Hour Contract: An Employer Guide

zero hour contract

A zero hour contract is a type of employment contract where the employer is not obliged to provide a minimum number of working hours, and the employee is not obligated to accept any of the hours offered. This flexibility allows businesses to adjust their workforce according to demand, providing labour as needed without the commitment […]

Temporary Contract Guidance for Employers

temporary contract

A temporary contract, also known as fixed-term or short-term contracts, are agreements between an employer and an employee for a specific period or until the completion of a particular project. Unlike permanent contracts, temporary contracts have a defined end date, making them ideal for addressing short-term staffing needs. These contracts can vary in length, from […]

A Guide to Permanent Contract for Employers

permanent contract

A permanent contract is a formal agreement between an employer and an employee that outlines the terms of employment without a predetermined end date. This type of contract establishes an ongoing employment relationship, where the employee is expected to work continuously for the employer until either party decides to terminate the agreement. Permanent contracts typically […]