Calculating Holiday Pay & Entitlement

Holiday pay

One of the primary employment rights in the UK is that workers are entitled to a minimum amount of paid time off work as holiday, or annual leave. Holiday entitlement and how holiday pay is calculated will depend on how many hours an individual works. For employers, this can quickly become complicated when someone doesn’t […]

Employer Checking Service: Employers’ Guide

employer checking service

Employers are under a legal duty to prevent illegal working, and it is unlawful to employ someone who does not have permission to work in the UK. Employers can avoid allegations of illegal working by conducting prescribed Right to Work checks to verify an individual’s eligibility to be employed. Most Right to Work checks are […]

Form ET3: responding to a tribunal claim


Form ET3 is an important document for employers facing an employment tribunal claim from an existing, former or even prospective employee. For employers, it will be important to know how to respond using ET3 in way that is legally compliant with the claims process and ensures your organisation’s best interests are protected. What is Form ET3? […]

How do staggered hours work?

staggered hours

With flexible working commonplace in workplaces across the UK economy, arrangements such as staggered hours can offer both the employer and employee many advantages. In this guide, we look at what staggered hours mean, and the key legal and HR considerations for employers adopting this approach, either on a temporary or permanent basis. What are […]

Equal Pay Act: the law on equal pay for equal work

equal pay act

One of the fundamental employment rights is that women and men are entitled to equal pay and equal contractual benefits for doing comparable work. The following guide examines the equal pay provisions under the Equality Act 2010, from what the law says about equal pay and an employer’s obligations under the Act, to best practice […]

Religious discrimination at work

religious discrimination

With such a diverse population in the UK comes a broad range of different religions and belief systems. Consequently, by law employers must be careful not to discriminate against someone at work because of the religious or philosophical beliefs that a person may hold. The following guide for employers examines the meaning of religious discrimination […]

When to issue a final written warning?

final written warning

There are a number of obligations employers have to meet when issuing a final written warning. The following guide for employers and HR personnel looks at the steps that should be taken to avoid the potential pitfalls when issuing a final written warning, while ensuring a fair disciplinary process is followed. We also consider what […]

Racial discrimination at work: HR help

racial discrimination

Being an equal opportunities employer means taking positive steps to prevent all forms of discrimination, including racial discrimination at work. Tribunal claims for unlawful racial discrimination are costly to defend, damaging to your reputation as an employer, and can have a profoundly negative impact on workplace morale. As such, taking positive steps to prevent unlawful […]

Dealing with long term sickness absence

long term sickness absence

Long term sickness absence requires careful management by employers. It is a balancing act between supporting the employee’s recovery and return to good health while minimising operational and performance disruption and mitigating legal risk exposure. Absence management should be considered in two parts: dealing with the employee’s absence from work and then managing their return […]

Constructive dismissal bullying claims: HR help

constructive dismissal bullying

An employee complaining of workplace bullying may be able to bring a tribunal claim for constructive dismissal if they resign as a result of their employer’s failure to deal with the unwanted behaviour. In this guide for employers, we look at how to reduce the risk of constructive dismissal claims for bullying by dealing with […]