TUPE & right to work checks on transferring workers

tupe right to work

Immigration compliance is a commonly overlooked aspect of the TUPE transfer process. Among the demands of managing a complex transaction and workforce changes, employers remain under an obligation to ensure all workers are eligible to work, or the organisation risks enforcement action being taken against them. What are the rules relating to right to work […]

Right to work documents & checklist

UK employers have a legal obligation to prevent illegal working by verifying all employees have a valid right to work in Britain. The Home Office dedicates considerable resources to investigating employers and taking enforcement action in the event of a breach. Where an employer is found to be employing workers illegally, they face substantial fines, […]

Pre-employment screening checks: HR guide

Pre employment screening checks are a critical part of a business’s recruitment and onboarding process. The following guide looks at the various different types of checks that should be conducted and how to carry these out, as well as the legal, practical and financial consequences of failing to do so. What are the pre employment […]